Wednesday, 8 July 2015

OPENING CEREMONY - Consumer Helpline Toll Free

Today we are launching our Website - Consumer Helpline Toll Free  dedicated to the Indian Public. While it is our effort to create awareness among the Indian masses - it does not imply that the public need not be aware about their responsibilities too. When we talk of rights and we are armed with so many Legalised ways ,it is quite possible that such ways and means, may sometimes, be used to harass Honest and Sincere persons ,who are serving the Nation without knowing that somebody is working against him or her to pressurize or blackmail such honest and sincere workers. Public has the implied responsibility to give due respect to the working class in all fields - like Army Personnel, Police Personnel, Anti Terrorist Squads, Health Services, Ambulances, Public Transport services like Railways, Airlines, Bus services and other Public Utility Services like Fire Services, Natural Disaster Management - earthquakes, floods and natural or man made disasters, Restoration of Power, Roads,Water and Sanitary services. We must not forget that they are also Human Beings and serving round the clock for our protection only. In case such people are respected in Public Life, it will encourage them to perform better.My Appeal is to expose not only wrong doers in services but also wrong doers in public who disrespect and harass/blackmail the Honest and Sincere serving persons. India is not void of Honest People but we are to change our thinking from the core of our heart. In my working career of approx 35 years I have come across so many persons who are live examples of honesty and sincerity but wrong doers in public will not like such people and make all out effort to dislocate them. I give you one example -  that there is a queue in front of Railway Ticket Booking window - why railway police is required to control the crowd - if we are disciplined and responsible citizens ,I think railway police can be used to perform duty to protect the passengers rather than controlling the queue - which in itself is counter productive - as a few amongst us will ask the railway police personnel on duty to help - and this is the point when nexus starts building up to procure the railway ticket, ahead of persons standing in the queue, at an extra cost - called bribe. To conclude if we are responsible citizen - no Police is required, if we are responsible Nations and Neighbors - nor Armies are required - and the whole world can work for welfare and only welfare of the Mankind.

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