Sunday, 5 July 2015

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While surfing the net I found that sending spam mails to the users on the net was an easy job and even the the email users themselves might not be aware of the fact that somebody else might be sending spam mails to his or her contacts the millions of applications on the world wide web through social networking sites like facebook, Google applications and other applications, plugins developed by expert IT professional to befool the facebook users who could be between age 13 to onward as per laws of land in the geographical locations of the user. On the one side the innocent real users like me get be fooled to sign in for such applications merely as other are doing  so. There is one Federal Trade Commission protecting the American Consumers, where any body can file complaint regarding Identity Theft, Credit and Debt, Mobile devices or Telephones, Unwanted Telemarketing, Text or Spam, Internet Services, Online Shopping or Consumers, Jobs and Making Money, Other Issues not covered above. Identity Theft complaint can include the victims or likely victims, Credit and Debt includes complaints about any credit facility, loans including credit cards. Similarly under internet services the users can file complaint regarding Software, Spyware and viruses, online shopping frauds. Under Jobs and Making Money, one can file complaints regarding Franchise guidelines, luring job seekers, Online money making sites promising extraordinary imaginary returns. Other category includes complaints to be filed about foreign lotteries, Matrimonial sites, Charitable donations, Health and Fitness and other uncovered categories. While Federal Trade Commission protects the American Consumers through FTC Complaint Assistant, there are no regulatory authorities in developing countries like India, China, Bangladesh ( list is long and not exhaustive ), who have been invaded by the internet culture without creating any infrastructure to protect the innocent internet users from high tech and smart internet users even from countries like America, where such protective system exists, as the system developed protects only the American consumers' interests. Think, when the internet users can be subjected to such issues like Identity Theft, Credit and debt, Mobile devices or Telephones, Unwanted Telemarketing, Text or Spam, Internet Services, Online Shopping or Consumers, Jobs and Making Money, Other Issues not covered above then why the biggest gainer countries (like America, UK and some European countries) from internet users do not protect the interest of the internet users all over the world or why other countries allow the internet operators from these biggest gainer countries to exploit their citizens by the advanced countries. This is a billion dollar question of the near future, which I can visualize while dreaming about India of My Dreams in 2047. If you agree with my views then share this post and if you do not like the views at all then comment here as I have changed my stance from Neither Follow nor Share Us on Social Networking to Follow and Share if you like and comment if you Dislike. Dislikes are preferred as we can not install and social plugin Dislike. Dislike comments have been enabled on all our links.

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