Sunday, 6 July 2014

Clarification by Godrej Group of Companies

Customer Care of Godrej Group of Companies clarified on phone that their investigations revealed blending of pieces of Conveyor Belt into Cinthol Soap, but to get the Godrej Company admit their mistake, I had to work very hard. My remarks, as above, are just to create consumer awareness not only for the consumers in India but also for Consumer Courts in India to frame rules so that that big corporate withdraw the full lots of defective production from the market as prevalent in advanced countries. Britannia Industries Ltd. is yet to come out with their findings. I hope that my concerns may become a source of PIL in National Consumer Court to frame new laws and policies in India.

Ashok Goyal
Author and Owner

From: Care <>
Date: Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 11:12 AM
Subject: RE: Feedback on Cinthol Cool Bathing Soap
To: Ashok Goyal <>

Dear Mr. Goyal,

We profusely Thank you for using Godrej Brands & liking our Cinthol Cool Soap with Menthol in it. At the same time we are feeling extremely sorry that a valued Customer like you had to go through the anguish of finding a foreign particle in the soap.

We have got inbuilt mechanism  that prevents any foreign particle entering in soap cake.  We were ourselves surprised to get a complaint from an esteemed Customer of your standing. But we assure you that due care is taken to produce soaps which meet the highest quality standards set by Godrej.

We have  now set up a monitoring system whereby this recurrence would be prevented and get reported. Thanks for sharing your feedback which has allowed us to improve our monitoring system.

Once again assuring you of quality products and services.


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