Sunday, 25 December 2016

New Slogan Jago Manufacturer Jago VS Jago Grahak Jago

As per leading newspaper reports the USFDA, US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to Ranbaxy Company in Mohali, Punjab, India when the US authority found the medicinal tablets blended with human hair and trace particles of machine oils in the medicines manufactured by the Company. The warning, wrong or right, resulted into loss of confidence of investors and share prices of Ranbaxy Laboratories went down sharply. Neither the company nor the Indian Government was taken into confidence by the US authorities before tarnishing the image of the drug manufacturing company or the image of our country. I smell some type of big scam played by the drug manufacturer in connivance with the USFDA so as to bring down the prices of their stocks in the share markets. The findings of US Food and Drug Administration need to investigated by independent agencies of the United Nations without any participation by USFDA to bring out the truth.

Moreover if USFDA can issue such warnings then why can't the Indian Government issue such warnings to companies like Britannia Industries Ltd and Godrej Consumer Products Ltd who blend iron springs into their food products like Britannia Premium Rusks and blend pieces of conveyor belt (as admitted by the Customer Care of Godrej Consumer Products on phone with indirect admission through mail published here under) and not bother about even expert reviews by channels like wqaindia. While Godrej Consumer Products had the courage to admit their mistake which can occur in any manufacturing processes, the Britannia Industries have no regard for the feelings of their customers whereas their mistake could be even life threatening for its customers. Let the readers decide as to what to do with the products of such an irresponsible manufacturer like Britannia Industries Ltd.

India of My Dreams must have Parallel to USFDA to warn Foreign Manufacturers like Britannia Industries Ltd. for their poor quality of food products with irons springs embedded in their premium rusks.

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